Pricing not valid for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, holiday weekends or special events.

 When the house was built, this was the Master Bedroom. This spacious room has a king size bed, large mahogany desk and chairs, decorative quarter-sawn murphy bed, armiore and THE VANITY.

The connecting bathroom was originally the only bathroom, that served the entire house. It's the only suite with a bathtub / shower. The door to the hallway was removed, and direct access made from the suite. In keeping with the Molly Brown theme, it's decorated in a nautical style.

The vanity in this suite originally belonged to The Unsinkable Molly Brown, who survived the sinking of the Titanic. This Denver CO resident was so much more than a survivor.  She was an activist for women's and children's rights. Her home in Denver was saved and now serves as a museum dedicated to her. For more information, click the button above.

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​All bookings are based on double occupancy, and breakfast for two.

Please note, that this house is almost 100 years old, so it is not handicap accessible.  All suites are located upstairs.

Fléur De Lis Suite

​$120.00 per night

​​​​​​The Gatsby Suite

$130.00 per night

Molly Brown Suite

$140.00 per night                    

This was the final suite to be renovated. As this suite was not part of the original house, it's decor is completely different from the rest of the house. The finish and furnishings are more of a rustic style, but still contain antique furniture. The built in, king size bed has benches on both sides. There is also a sofa/daybed, full size antique dresser along with an amoire for your clothing. Included is also a desk and seating area. The bathroom is spacious with a large shower, the sink/vanity area just outside the bathroom door. The bathroom door is hand carved and mounted in the barn door fashion.

The Gold Rush Suite​

              $145.00 per night

​​​​​I decorated this suite in the "ART DECO" style, which was the prevalent style during  the time this house was built.  I named the suite for F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby".  It was written and takes place during the opulent "Roaring 20's." This is one of my smaller suites, furnished with a queen size bed, desk, and seating areas.  It contains it's own private bathroom with shower and toilet.  To keep the bathroom from being too cramped, I located the vanity/sink in the bedroom area, next to the bathroom.  

This suite, along with much of the house, has a strong French influence which was inspired a great deal by my heritage.  This is my smallest suite and was the first to be renovated, and decorated.  Much of the decor was purchased after a trip to France.  Although it's my smallest suite, it is furnished with a queen size bed, desk/seating area, amoire, and vanity.  As with all my suites, it does contain its own private bathroom, with shower, sink, and toilet.  Like the rest of the house, it's also furnished and decorated in antiques.                                                                                                                                                                                             

      Amie St.Jéan